We undertake the full organization and conduct of occasional events in the life of the company. For example:

  • Christmas celebration
  • Family Christmas celebration
  • Children's day
  • Anniversary celebrations

All our events are tailored to the culture of the company, and we make a program offer that meets your specific needs.

Cheerful moments, long lasting memories

A day in the year for carefree relaxation and quality entertainment!

Our programs tailored entirely for the needs of our customers are characterized by variety, quality and their interactive feature. With the help of our experienced and enthusiastic program organizers, we strive to realize each and every customer’s vision. What really makes us stand out is our special attention to community forming and health conscious attitude.

Harmony in Body and Soul

Our Office Health Day program focuses on maintaining physical and mental health and increase health consciousness. We observe health from a holistic point of view, that makes nutrition, sport and lifestyle equally important.