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The operation of companies has also been significantly changed by the emergence of the coronavirus around the world. Our goal is to provide online support to our employees to ensure their smooth operation in changed circumstances.

The biggest challenge for all providers is to retain customers and maintain quality customer service. Our program provides support to create a framework for excellent customer service, equip your employees with the necessary skills and skills.

We recommend our on-demand stress-relieving and stress management program to recharge your staff and increase your resilience.

Are we going to do this or are we going to give up? How does it depend on who responds to challenges and changes?

Successful people are generally not successful because they have special skills, which others lack.

Do we often feel that our overworked busy lifestyle puts too much pressure and tension on us? Do we spend most of our time pondering over the past or the future, instead of enjoying the present? How could we stop contemplating continuously and grab the moment instead?

In our Mindfulness Training we are looking for answers and solutions to all these questions. We develop our self-awareness and conscious presence through specially designed exercises. In the state of conscious or vigilant presence we can pay full attention to the present moment and to the events around us, thus makes us able to control our emotions and thoughts.

Closing of a project again. Ongoing orders, tight deadlines, missing employees not being replaced. Everyone loaded with extensive work and many problems to solve.

We meet, talk, discuss, solve problems with different characters, from all walks of life in private and work situations daily, which can be a serious challenge.  Adequate and efficient communication is therefore indispensable to achieve our individual goals. A high degree of consciousness and well articulated, simple techniques are required to change our everyday routines and our usual attitude. 

Conflicts are inevitable part of our lives. There are those who are in constant battle with their colleagues, and those who give up easily. In both cases, somebody loses and leaves with bad feelings, negative emotions.

A conflict is usually not comfortable, we get tensed and feel bad. It is our natural need to reduce and eliminate this tension. However, this does not solve the problem, although conflict management can be learned and practiced.