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The operation of companies has also been significantly changed by the emergence of the coronavirus around the world. Our goal is to provide leaders with online support to ensure their smooth operation in changed circumstances.

According to surveys, a good work atmosphere is the most significant retention force in a workplace, with 67% of those surveyed saying this is more significant than money. Leaders, team leaders, shift managers are key players in creating a good work environment. (Source: kamaraonline.hu, 2018.04.17)

In the life of a company, repeated changes and restructurings always create new conditions for employees.

Managers often encounter the phenomenon of having different tools to motivate and manage their employees depending on their skills and confidence.

Agility plays an extraordinary role in the lives of companies, in many cases becoming unavoidable.

Workshops, project meetings, brainstorming, problem-solving discussions. These can only be effective if a prepared moderator is in control of the process.

The essential skill of an effective leader is to accurately formulate and deliver driver's messages effectively.

Today's good leaders not only support and motivate their colleagues, but also bring out their colleagues with a coaching approach.