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After the restart, the need for informal co-existence and joint recharge programs was even more expressed in the staff. LifeTraining offers a safe way to relax, adventure and have fun together in a beautiful forest environment!

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The operation of companies has also been significantly changed by the emergence of the coronavirus around the world. Our goal is to provide on-line support to teams working from home that promote seamless collaboration and joint regeneration in changed circumstances.

We believe that with team work can achieve goals much faster!

The teams' main mission: solve the mystery! The Mystery Team Building Program is an incredible, uniquely developed LifeTraining game, dotted with innovative solutions and special tools.

Agility will play an extraordinary role in the lives of companies, in many cases it will be unavoidable. Our goal is to help the companies with our program where the organization has already begun to be transformed, the employees have theoretical knowledge of agile operation, but in practice there are still difficulties.

Effective co-operation is one of the most important expectations in the workplace, but this is highly challenging in everyday life. Non-stop pressure and individual performance expectations in the private sector often lead to competition and rivalry.

Collaboration and value creation

The willingness to help others is part of our human nature. The value of our support multiplies if we not only donate material goods, but we are also present and active in the process.
But before doing so we often feel uncertain: Can I be sufficient help on my own? Perhaps they do not need what we can offer? Or maybe it is not the right place to donate?

How can we get our team involved and provide them experience?

When it comes to learning most of the time we picture ourselves between the stern walls of a classroom. Our perception and learning ability is often hindered by these childhood – often not very cheerful – memories. But why do we think learning can only take place in the classroom?

It has been a real challenge lately for any management to work together with three generations. Research shows and practice confirms that these generations differ largely in many aspects, such as their values, communication styles, priorities, their attitude to work, etc.

The unique world of film shooting brings real cooperation, relaxation and lots of fun to the life of the team.

Filmmaking, experiencing the excitement of preparation and shooting, delivering a message is a great challenge and a task that brings team members together.