Campfire, guitar, starlit sky, exquisite food, exceptional vehicles

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Would it be nice to get away from the world a little bit?

Far from everything, to a picturesque location with no signal?

In our special team-building program, we spend a day in the woods, away from our usual work environment and everyday stress.

The team will be transported by off-road vehicles to a preset location, to meet outdoor challenges, forest adventures and trips.

Dinner is prepared together using quality ingredients according to season. Juicy steaks and homemade goat cheese can be rinsed with handcrafted beverages.

A well-composed evening

We all need a bit of recharge, after a hard day or having completed a difficult project.

A well-composed evening might be the perfect crown on a team program that enhances team spirit and long-lasting experiences.

team party

Collaboration and value creation


20181009 120921485 iOSThe willingness to help others is part of our human nature. The value of our support multiplies if we not only donate material goods, but we are also present and active in the process.
But before doing so we often feel uncertain: Can I be sufficient help on my own? Perhaps they do not need what we can offer? Or maybe it is not the right place to donate?

How can we get our team involved and provide them experience?

LifeTraining's charity programs offer complex solutions to these issues.

Fun, relaxation, recreation

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Clear blue sky and sunshine... outside. Longing, craving glances stare at the windows… in the office.

Does it sound familiar?

Why not exploit the day once?

Just a few hours of picnic will recreate, refresh and energize all office workers.

Starring: The Team


We all need some leisure and pleasure, fun and relaxation sometimes.

In our theme events we offer a classic outdoor training or an informal indoor event in the framework of a popular film scene.
Genuine atmosphere is created by costumes, props, accessories and show elements.






Challenge, experience, energy, adventure

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When it comes to learning most of the time we picture ourselves between the stern walls of a classroom. Our perception and learning ability is often hindered by these childhood – often not very cheerful – memories.

But why do we think learning can only take place in the classroom?

Fresh air, new environment and unforeseen challenges activate new energies. The tasks we perform in this new environment will teach us new lessons about ourselves and one another.

Fiery and magical

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Culinary Manufactory – what do these two words mean?

The magic of creating something together, the beauty of fire, delicious self-made dishes.

Exquisite dishes are prepared from premium seasonal ingredients under the stars on open fire.

Development of intergenerational cooperation

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It has been a real challenge lately for any management to work together with three generations. Research shows and practice confirms that these generations differ largely in many aspects, such as their values, communication styles, priorities, their attitude to work, etc.

However, each generation has its advantages that can be exploited, enhanced and incorporated in the common system of values.

The unique world of film shooting brings real cooperation, relaxation and lots of fun to the life of the team.


Filmmaking, experiencing the excitement of preparation and shooting, delivering a message is a great challenge and a task that brings team members together.

In crews, made up of 5-8 people, each member can find an exciting role, such as property man, screenwriter or director.

Crews are provided with technical assistance inspiring props and supplies.

Teams are free to choose genre, create characters, search locations and collect additional props.

The program has been specifically optimized for corporate environment, featuring group performance, never individual, avoiding elements incongruous to the age group.