Effective co-operation is one of the most important expectations in the workplace, but this is highly challenging in everyday life. Non-stop pressure and individual performance expectations in the private sector often lead to competition and rivalry.

Physical isolation, lack of personal contact and constant changes make cooperation even more difficult for co-workers. In our training program we offer to change the continuous expectation of cooperation into an accessible goal. Co-operation, collaboration, supportiveness and joint problem solving are all skills that can be developed with awareness and specifically designed exercises. 

We help to spot difficulties and obstacles, that with the right attitude, we can exploit for our development.

By strengthening the growth mindset attitude, participants gain strong motivation and self-confidence to overcome challenges and reach their goal.

Our training deals with the following topics:

  • Forms of co-operation and competition, their appearance in everyday life
  • The hyper-competitive and the balanced competitive personality
  • Co-operation in practice - recognition and awareness of pitfalls
  • Reinforcing target orientation by delivering a growth mindset approach