Everyone needs physical refreshing and mental wellness even at the workplace. We offer a very enjoyable fit and sound program to prevent long sick leaves.

The program consists of the following three consecutive units:

Stress relief and Energizing

Our workshop deals with most innovative principles of health promotion today. We also talk about the common causes of stress as well as effective techniques eliminating it. Participants will leave with a personalized “wellness plan”, feeling refreshed and exhilarated in body, mind and spirit, filled with new energies.

Body Movements

For those who work seated, it is essential to move the spine and skeletal muscles regularly. Spine-training physiotherapist will teach participants simple movements, they can easily exercise every day. They also gain a glimpse at the basics of yoga. All techniques are short, easy, and suitable for office environment.


Besides moving, we put great emphasis on mental and spiritual wellness. One can only accomplish everyday challenges effectively, when feels fit and comfortable in body and mind. Easy to use and learn relaxation techniques and breathing exercises help relieve accumulated tension.